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Updated SAM (Subscribe Artificial Module) Guide

Notifications on foreign iphone 

Problems with notifications on your foreign iphone? You have come to the right web site!
This easy guide gives you a solution, follow it carefully and don’t skip any steps. 

Let’s go start…

- Open Cydia and install repo

- Install SAM: it will automatically install sam pref and another packet 

- Open SAM, choose “Utilities” and tap on "Revert Lockdown to Stock" : this will erase your activation! 

- Then, on “Settings”, "De-Activate iPhone" 

- Check out “Unactivated” on “More Information” 

- Then, select “Method”, then “By Country and Carrier” (PS: it’s very important to know the right country and administrator otherwise IPhone can not work.) 

- If you don’t know the country of origin, you can check on this web site: For only 4,99 euros (there are NO fees for us). After 10 minutes, you will know the right country and administrator (PS: After looking for this information on line and I knew that my IPhone was from Norway locked in Netcom; then, after checking on sim-unlock, I knew it was from Denmark managed by another administrator and, at that point, the activation worked 

- In “SAM Details” section copy IMSI numbers (you need them later) 

- Some administrators demand to insert Carrier ID that is automatically identified and displayed in SIM ID. 

- In “More Information” click on “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”. Then, in the SAM details section erase IMSI numbers and paste the numbers copied before 

- Now you are ready to activate from ITunes 

- Connect your device to ITunes and wait the activation, check "WildCardActivated" in “More information” link 

- Go in “Utilities” and tap on "Backup activation" 

- Restart the device 

- Install ipusher from the appstore and tap on "Test Push Notifications"

- Now you see the sentence "YAY,PUSH NOTIFICATION WORK FINE

Congratulations, you have just activated your device and you have solved your problems with the device’s battery life and high temperature. 

TESTED ON 3GS 16GB jailbroken BB 5.16.05 ultrasnb0w unlocked iOS 5.1.1

Thanks for the translation Da-G and family :-)

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